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Healing of Migraines Accompanied by Electricity & Vibration!

A lady with migraine headaches for 15 years with intense pain came for prayer. With pain medication, she had a 2 out of 10 level of pain. Without pain medication, it was 8 out of 10. Doctors also had been giving her anti-depressants.

Categories: Testimonies, Thailand, Singapore 2016, Physical Tags: Migraine Headache, Suicidal Thoughts


Peace & Love Replace Suicidal Thoughts, Occult Influence

At the big Baptist church I had a young woman who said she wanted to end her life. I immediately began speaking God's love to her.  

Categories: Testimonies, September 2015 Brazil, Spiritual, Physical Tags: Macumba, Occult Influences, Suicidal Thoughts


Fears & Suicidal Thoughts Ministered to by the Father

A girl came with depression and fear problems – fear of death, fear of living, fear of not having a job. I prayed for a long time over her. 

Categories: Testimonies, September 2015 Brazil, Emotional Tags: Depression, Fear of Death, Fear of Living, Fear of Not Having a Job, suicidal thoughts


Deliverance Brings Confidence in Knowing Identity

During ministry time Wednesday in the morning, one of the translators, Maria, ask me to go into the room in the back to do deliverance. When I got there I sat down next to the girl who wanted deliverance and asked her what was going on.

Categories: Testimonies, March Brazil 2015, Emotional, Spiritual Tags: Deliverance, Depression, Fear, Occult, Self-pity, Suicidal Thoughts, Witchcraft


Sisters Set Free From Tormenting & Afflicting Spirits

Rocio and Lucinez were sisters who were having pain in their backs and chests and suffered from oppression, depression and suicidal thoughts. When I prayed for them one at a time, demons manifested.

Categories: Testimonies, Columbia 2014, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical Tags: Back Pain, Chest Pain, Deliverance, Depression, Oppression, suicidal thoughts

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