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Healing of Tooth & Gums Reaps Blessing & Anointing!

We had ministered with Tom in a small church and then went to Christ church and arrived as Bill Johnson was finishing his sermon. We were in the café watching it stream when Bill mentioned the overflow rooms. Alison and I went into one. I had a word of knowledge for a pain the right side of the neck.

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Word of Knowledge About Painful Teeth Brings Healing!

While in Norway, a word of knowledge came about pain in the teeth on the upper left side. A young woman came up and said she had pain for several months and didn’t want to go to the dentist because she was afraid.  I prayed once and she felt tingling in her mouth. I prayed again and the pain left. She also had sensitivity to cold and told us the next day that was gone too.  Praise God!

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Honduras -- Tooth and Stomach Pain Healed

While praying for a woman with tooth pain, it went away and she then pushed on her stomach and said she had a pain there that left also at the same time. -- Troy

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