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Tingling in Hands Leads to Three Healings in Short Time Frame

It all started on a warm day of the week, we were sitting at the best American-Indian restaurant ever. We had just finished eating when Rolland Baker thought that it would be fun to walk around and slay people with the Spirit. I was one of them. 

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Woman With Multiple Issues Made Whole!

An older lady came up to Carmen and me. She was having trouble walking and you could see the pain in her face. She had a headache, toothache, varicose veins, bad knees and fibromyalgia. 

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Toothache Healed for Drummer!

I was on the intercessor team during service. Before going upstairs the intercessors prayed over the band that had been leading worship, Filhos do Homen. I prayed over the young drummer who had had a toothache. Heidi, Pam and Stephanie backed me up by praying in tongues. After prayer Chris, the worship leader of the band, translated and asked the drummer if the pain was gone. He said it popped away during prayer and was gone!

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Brazil - Toothache Healed

A woman had a toothache. She was outside the church and young man asked us to pray for her because she was in great pain. This was before the service. We commanded the pain to leave five times and the pain went from a 10 to a 1. We told her to come up for prayer at the end of the service to receive total healing. ~Joe

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