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Muslim Woman Healed on Team Member's Flight Home!

On the airplane from Paris to Detroit, I prayed for a Muslim woman who was suffering from a bad headache and painful ear due to the flight. I told her I would pray for her in the name of Jesus and she said yes. 

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Woman Receives Four Healings in One Evening!

In Abuja, a lady came for prayer with severe pain in her left ear and shoulder pain from a bone spur that has recently been x-rayed. After a very short prayer the pain receded just a little. 

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Generational Curse, Afllicting Spirit Go! Ear Pain Leaves!

A young girl around the age of 12, named Felicia, asked for prayer for her ears. She said she had gone to many doctors for several months who could not figure out what was wrong. Her ears would hurt a lot. 

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Shoulder and Ear Healed

With an interpreter, I prayed for an older gentlemen who was having ear and shoulder pain from a fall at work.  I asked how he fell and how long ago. He said a year ago and he also had surgery a year ago on his shoulder. 

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Healing of Ear Comes After Word of Knowledge & Prayer

I received a word about an hour before church. It was a warm tingly sensation behind the ear. While up on the stage I made eye contact with a lady and prayed love towards her. I later gave the word by putting my finger on the spot and she stood.

Categories: September Brazil 2016 Tags: Chest & Breathing Issues, Ear Pain

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