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Woman Saved & Delivered from Nightmares!

A woman was delivered after she was saved, baptized in the Holy Spirit and renounced her unforgiveness. She was healed and set free from nightmares. Her six-year-old son had to the hospital for constipation. The Lord told me to give him a bottle of water before we left and he would be restored and healed. – Andrea, Retail Manager

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Nightmares Healed for Son & Mother!

A woman came to my line for prayer after a word of knowledge for “nightmares, night terror” was given. Through the interpreter, she let me know that she was there to stand in for prayer for healing of nightmares for both her son and mother, who were not there. I could see and sense in my spirit that she was passionate for this healing and earnestly seeking it. I asked if I could place my hands on either side of her head, and she said, “Yes”.

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Love & Peace Replace Trauma of Horror Movies

Yesterday an older brother brought his little brother for prayer. The young boy had been watching horror movies, and he was traumatized by the experience. I started to pray for him. I asked Jesus to fill his heart with His love. I rebuked all the thoughts that he had received from watching the movies and I commanded them to leave in Jesus’ name. I spoke peace and love over that wonderful young boy and released Jesus’ love over him. His whole appearance changed. At first he was withdrawn and even fearful, but now he looked very happy and relieved. Today I saw his older brother and asked how he was doing. He said that all the nightmares were gone and he slept like a baby. He was totally healed and he was very happy. I just thanked God for doing this amazing miracle.

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Night Terrors & Other Sleep Issues Healed in 16-year Old Girl

On Thursday I got to pray for a sweet girl, about 16, who has had trouble sleeping since she was young. She frequently stopped breathing. 

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Tormenting Spirits Replaced With Love, Joy & Peace

I had given a word of knowledge for nightmares that were keeping someone up at night with a lot of fear. A lady came up for prayer for this. The Lord showed me that she was sexually abused by her father.

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