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The Father’s Love Brings Deliverance

During Leif’s impartation of the Father’s love, a young teen named Rachel started manifesting in the far corner of church by the stage. By the time we got there (Michael asked us to come over), she was shaking, holding herself acting petrified.

She would not look at anyone and if I came close to her, she would push herself closer in the corner. We prayed gently in the spirit, periodically I would lean closer to her without violating her space and let her know she was safe and Jesus loved her. She suddenly dropped to the floor in a fetal position in great distress covering her ears once Leif again started speaking of the Father’s love and releasing a general prayer over everyone. We asked Leif to come over as several women comforted her gently with laying our hands gently on her. He ministered to her quietly. In about 10 minutes she quieted, stopped trembling and gave him a smile.
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