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New Eyes Coming

This is an ongoing story of faith being taken to a new level and a healing that is about to take place. On March 6, several members of the team had prayed for a little girl, 3 ½ years old, who was born with no eyes (only two other children are currently known to have been born this way). She also had a congenital disorder and club feet.

I had joined the group as they were finishing up so I continued to pray for this beautiful little girl whose name was Aviyah (Hebrew for “God is my Father” or “My father is Jehovah”). I prayed for the creation of eyes that she would see. After praying for quite a while, I began speaking with the woman with Aviyah. Her name was Winnie and she told me Aviyah’s story. When Winnie’s daughter found out she was pregnant and told the child’s father, he left her. That is why the baby was named Aviyah because God is her Father. Winnie told me that Aviyah is missing the 14th chromosome which is the one that triggers the creation of the eyes during pregnancy. So I began to pray that the 14th chromosome would be created in Aviyah’s DNA. I prayed quite a while when I felt impressed to tell Winnie that Aviyah would wake up with eyes. In addition to the eyes, I prayed for Aviyah’s feet which were clubbed.

The story continued as the days went on. I spoke with Dr. Clark the next day about Aviyah and when I mentioned about the chromosome, he said it was a chromosome issue and to pray into that. When I told Winnie this later that morning, she was excited about the confirmation of praying into the chromosome issue. She and her friends have been praying to the DNA level but not the chromosome level. On Saturday Winnie came to me. She was excited and wanted me to meet Aviyah’s babysitter. Aviyah’s babysitter told me that during the night she had dreamed she went to get Aviyah out of bed and saw her eyes were half open. In the dream she called for Winnie to come and as she watched Aviyah’s eyes they opened all the way. She had beautiful eyes and long curling eyelashes. I believe the dream was a confirmation of what I had told Winnie when I prayed for Aviyah Thursday night. Praise God, Aviyah is getting new eyes!

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