The Healed Heal Others

At the beginning of ministry time, Rodney had people stand up who needed healing.  I noticed a lady stood up for her back to be healed.  She soon raised both arms and waved them indicating she was healed. There was another man farther back who had also stood up for his back to be healed but he did not indicate that he had been healed.  When Rodney told people they could come forward for prayer, he looked like he was trying to come forward but it was crowded.  I went to the lady whose back was healed, and she spoke a little English so I asked her to come with me, and I took her to the man who wasn’t healed.  When we got to him, I asked her if she would like to pray for him, since he needed healing in his back and she had just been healed.  She spoke to the man in Portuguese for a few moments and then put her hand on him and started praying.  She stopped praying and he tried to bend over.  He could only go about 1/4 of the way down.  She prayed some more, and he was able to bend about 90 degrees.  She kept praying, and by the end his head was practically touching his knees!

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