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The Love of God Heals a Woman’s Headache

At a church in Johannesburg, Steve Wilson felt led to have our team pray a baptism of love over each person. As I went from person to person I saw a lady with a troubled look on her face. I took her hand and touched her forehead and started praying God’s love over her. I could see that she still looked troubled so I asked her if she was okay. She leaned forward and whispered in my ear that she had a severe headache and asked if I would pray for her. I immediately proceeded to put both of my hands on her head and pray, commanding the pain to leave her in Jesus’ name. After that prayer she said she felt a lot better, but I prayed a second time and her headache was totally gone, and so was her troubled look. I told her that the love of God had just touched her and we celebrated that!


Angie G, Homemaker

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