South Africa Trip Report

On November 8, 2018 the first Global Awakening team to South Africa began to come together from all over the world. We had people from Australia, Switzerland, the UK and from all over the US. It was a team of about 30 people and because it was a smaller team we all really were able to get to know each other. It was a blessing to join together with people from all over the world and experience the unity and love that Jesus brings us into as we seek His Kingdom to come here on earth. Our leaders/speakers were excellent and brought the power and love of Jesus with them.


For three days the team sectioned off at different times and we ministered in four different churches in Johannesburg and saw many healings and salvations. On the third night in a row, at one of the churches, the team there had an impartation service at the pastor’s request. The Holy Spirit was working and people were falling, filling the floor, and being touched by His presence and power. Afterward, the lady who coordinated all of the meetings for us told us that that church had never experienced that before. The pastor had been seeking more for the congregation and the Lord showed up. What a blessing to be a part of that service!

Our fourth full day we had a day of refreshing at a lovely safari park. This was a wonderful time of team building, rest, and a time to really appreciate the beautiful African landscape and animals. On the fifth day we finished up at the park and then headed to the city of Secunda for our final five full days in South Africa.


For the next two mornings the teams went to three different townships and ministered on the streets. This pushed many team members out of their comfort zones, but God showed up! Most people accepted the prayer that was offered. Children received salvation and were filled with the Holy Spirit. Many were physically healed. Many hearts were healed.

In the evenings, different teams went to 3-4 different churches for crusades that had been advertised. Some of these churches were in very poor areas. Exuberant, extremely loud worship was enjoyed at some of these churches, along with dancing. Once again, many hundreds of healings took place in all shapes and forms. Just the mention of the Lord being present to heal caused many of these healings to occur before anyone even prayed. Another thing that happened on this trip was that in both of the hotels we stayed in many of the staff were touched for Jesus. Staff was prayed for for impartation, healings and salvations. A staff member told me on the last day of our trip that they would miss our team.


This trip was a life-changing event for the people of South Africa and for the team members. Every touch from the Holy Spirit moves us from one place to another new, beautiful place. Let His glory be over all the earth!

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