The Story of Dayoung Kimn

 It was 1995 when I first met Randy Clark at a meeting in Langley, British Columbia. At the end of the meeting, he invited people to receive prayer. At that time, my ministry was in the beginning stage in China. I visited the underground churches there and trained them.

As I approached the front stage Randy came down, and I ran into him and asked for prayer. He prayed a very interesting prayer. This is how I remember it: “I pray for this man who is ministering to churches in China. Holy Spirit, fill him up! I pray and impart all of my spiritual inheritance through the prayer I have received from Benny Hinn, John Wimber . . .”

 I do not remember the names of all the people Randy mentioned, but I felt very good and blessed. The following week, I was on my way to China. As I was leading one of the meetings there, I told the leaders I was going to pray for all of them to do more of what Jesus promised we all could do. I invited the Holy Spirit to touch them. I did not lay hands on anyone, but the Holy Spirit moved among these leaders. Many told me that they felt something and that they were feeling heat in their bodies. 

  One of the elderly ladies in her seventies, who served in the Chinese Red Army, later told me that she was healed from severe arthritis. She had been unable to sleep well for forty years, she said. After the meeting, she got up to help her daughter work. After that, she went out ministering to the neighbors and brought them to the Lord. Someone told me that she brought about seventy people to the Lord. I also found out that many of the leaders whom I prayed with are pioneering more churches than ever and are winning many souls to the Lord. 

  This made me think about what impartation is all about. Because of my experiences, I seriously meditated on the word impartation. In the year 2000, I began the ministry called Impartation Ministries International, which is still going strong today. 

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