The Story of Dr. Denise

It all started back when I was attending a conference with my friend Cheryl Schang. Cheryl had seriously damaged knees that no surgery or therapy could help. The medical professionals predicted her mobility would be severely impaired for the rest of her life. She believed in healing and had been prayed for many times, but was still waiting. 

When our conference was over, we noticed that some other meeting was going on in the facility next door. We went over to check it out. Randy Clark was just finishing a message and leaving the stage to walk around and pray for people. As Cheryl came through the door, Randy suddenly said, “Somebody is getting their knee healed.” Randy’s ministry team prayed for Cheryl and received accurate words of knowledge about other medical conditions that she had, but they were not praying for her knees. She had a heart condition and it was healed, but not her knees! 

Randy was still asking, “Who’s got the knee problem?”

We cut through the crowd and got close enough for Cheryl to tell him, “It’s me.”

Randy never touched Cheryl. Instead, he got on his knees and prayed very simply as he was bowed before her, “Jesus, I’m just the colt of the donkey you ride on.” (By that he meant that the healing power was not his, but was from the Spirit. Randy saw himself as the donkey colt Jesus rode on Palm Sunday, simply a servant, and he wanted all praise to go to the Lord for whatever happened.) 


As Randy prayed that prayer, I felt a tangible wind blow across us. Cheryl was instantly healed. She started jumping and screaming, rejoicing and praising Jesus. 

 In the midst of that, Randy turned to me and said, “And you—you will be involved in Jewish evangelism in Russia and the Ukraine regions.” 


Randy had never met me and did not know I was Jewish. His prophetic word was a pivotal event in my life. It changed my self-perception in regard to my calling beyond that of a wife, mother and nurse. It encouraged me to become equipped and ready. The prophetic word makes room for what God wants to do, if you will believe it and act on it. I believe God has led me to be diligent and responsible to that word. 


In 2003 I finished a doctorate degree in counseling so that I could get out into the secular marketplace. In 2004 my husband and I went to the Catch the Fire conference in Toronto. We specifically went there from Jacksonville, Florida, in order to thank Randy for his impact on my life the first time he had prayed for me, almost five years before. As I shared my testimony, he prophesied over me again, this time saying I was to be involved in national Jewish evangelism. 


Randy did not know that my husband and I were just getting started with teaching the HaYesod program, which is basically a Jewish roots class for Gentiles. But his prophecies had a tremendous impact in helping me take hold of God’s calling, exercise the faith to walk in it and have the motivation to prepare myself for its outworking. I have been privileged to see what I believe is only the beginning of a great last-days outpouring of God’s glory in the world. But ministering in His power is not just about getting a prophecy or an impartation. It is about knowing His heart. You cannot use His power unless you know His heart! And that takes time. No prophecy or impartation can take the place of time with Jesus. Do you want to see His glory? Take the time to get to know Him! 

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