The Story of Pastor Silvio Galli, São Paulo, Brazil

I received impartation through several ministries, causing a radical change in my life and great renewal. In 2001 Pastor Randy came to our church. As he prayed for me, I could feel a big heat that came through the Holy Ghost. It was a glorious state. After this impartation, my ministerial and personal life was transformed. Today I have the intense presence of God’s glory in my life, and through His grace I have imparted this same anointing to other people.

In the beginning, great resistance came from my family and church. When God started to move among us, things got out of control. Some people thought that what was going on was emotional or that we were exaggerating. Others thought that it was just momentary. After a while, people started to see our transformation. Soon they saw that it was not emotion, but something that came from God.

Pastor Randy Clark has been with us several times now. The first time in 2001, our church was traditional and we had around 350 people. When Randy came for the second time, we already had moved and we had around 1,200 people. The third time we had 3,000 people, and by the fourth time, in 2009, the church had grown to over 9,000. In 2010 we started 23 more churches out of this mother church. I know that this anointing came to bring other anointings, like the anointing to conquer the city, the multitudes and to grow the churches.

The anointing has a price. After the revival in our church, we needed to change some things in our doctrine. The anointing brought us many revelations. We have become one church that is multiplying. By 2020 we will open 200 new churches.

This article is an excerpt from Dr. Randy Clark’s book There is More.

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