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Three People Healed From a Word of Knowledge

Derek, the pastor of the lighthouse church, asked for members of the Global Team to come forward if we had a Word of Knowledge. God revealed to me that there was someone with a problem in their hand between the fourth and fifth fingers. He also revealed that there was a person who has arthritis in their hand. And also that there was someone who has difficulty in closing the hand in the form of a fist.

To my shock three different members of the congregation came forward for healing. The first was a man who had difficulty closing his hand in the form of a fist. I prayed for the hand to be freed and immediately he was able to form a fist and close his hand again. The second was a man with arthritis in both hands who had significant pain. I commanded the pain to leave in Jesus name and the arthritis was completely healed and pain removed. The third person was a man who had been involved in an accident which has left an injury between the fourth and fifth fingers of his right hand. I commanded the pain and trauma to leave in Jesus name and spoke healing into the injury.The pain went and the injury was completely healed.

 Ian P, Retired

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