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To Walk In Power, Change the Way You Think

Jesus said, “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” Many of us were taught that this means we need to confess our sins and stop sinning. Of course, we do want and need to grow in holiness, but the word here used for “repent” actually means “change the way you think”.

In my years of healing ministry, I have been challenged over and over in how I think. The blockages we face in praying for the sick are in our minds, in our hearts, in the “vain imaginings” that exalt themselves against the knowledge of Christ. Jesus is telling us — commanding us — to change the way we think.

Say this with me: “With man, it is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

I’m posting a short video for you that’s pulled from a longer message I gave in Dayton, Ohio earlier this year. Some of you were there with me when I delivered it, but this is such an important thing for us to grasp that I wanted to feature it here on the blog. As you watch the video, allow the Holy Spirit to reveal any places where your thoughts are stuck in what your past has told you or where your understanding of science may have limited your faith.

“How did God do that?”

What a beautiful question to ask! If we can get to place where we address God’s mysterious ways with curiousity instead of unbelief (or disbelief), I think we’ll be on our way to walking in greater levels of his supernatural activity. It’s similar to the difference between Zechariah and Mary, two people who received similar pronouncements from Gabriel the angel. Zechariah seems to have responded out of unbelief while Mary’s response, though seemingly similar, carries a clear note of acceptance and submission to the impossible. In that moment, she changed the way she thought to embrace the nonsensical, thereby allowing faith to get on board.

It seems that every month at Global Awakening, we hear a report of a healing that should be impossible. Sometimes we even get the medically-verified reports to prove the healing happened, but every time God operates in a higher law than the laws of nature that we currently know, it’s a challenge for the hearer. Will you and I believe, embrace curiosity, and allow our minds to expand around the truth of God? Or will we doubt, get cynical, and keep the new idea cordoned off?

Action Points This Week

  1. Ask the Holy Spirit go guide you into all truth, releasing what that will look like to God.
  2. Look for opportunities to expose your own unbelief, so that you can…change the way you think!
  3. It can be helpful to write down two or three simple declarations of faith to speak aloud, thereby training the neural pathways in your brain to accept truth. Perhaps something like, “With God all things are possible, and all things are possible for him who believes. I believe, Lord; help my unbelief.”
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