Total Turnaround from Torment to Peace

In the main church meeting with Randy calling the team down to pray for people, Sylvia and I encountered a young woman and her sister coming forward. The youngest of the sister’s was VERY upset, nervous, tormented and expressed herself as being tormented. 

There was no Interpreter, so it was difficult getting an interview and information. We were just praying for her without results or relief for her. I [Russell] became concerned she was not going to be helped, so I went searching for Jo to assist us. By the time Jo and I returned to Sylvia; Sylvia had interviewed her and found out the young woman had disobeyed her mother over an issue and Sylvia led her in repentance. But there was more. She had also needed money so she sold herself to a man and was suffering extreme guilt and torment from this. The young woman was also suffering physically from this disobedience; her legs were affected and she could not walk.

Sylvia led her in prayers of repentance and forgiving herself and the peace came to her. She also was filled with the Holy Spirit and it all ended beautifully. She expressed her love to us and was very happy. A total turnaround from the way she initially approached us. I learned a lesson to wait on the Lord and listen and God has it under control and it all worked out well for His glory. – Russell & Sylvia

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