Trip Testimonies

Read firsthand accounts of God’s goodness & power from our international trip team members. If you have been on a trip with us in the last few years, you can find testimonies from your trip below.

Word of Knowledge "Blue Spaghetti Strap Top, Shoulder Pain"

We were sitting at lunch and our leader, Reuben Hilliard, said we should ask for a word of knowledge for the table behind us.  I didn’t look but asked God and He showed me a girl with a blue spaghetti strap top who had pain in her shoulder.
I went over and saw a girl with that shirt! I asked to pray for her and she said I could. I asked if she had shoulder and pain, and she did. She was a dancer and would get shoulder pain. I told her God loved her so much He knew even about this. Then I prayed over her a really simple prayer and asked how she felt. She said there was no more pain! I told her God healed her because of His great love for her.