Tumors Healed

Rodney Hogue preached on forgiveness at the Central Foursquare Church in Londrina, Brazil. After service, a man came up for prayer. He says he has tumors all over his skin.  I asked him to show me where they were.  As he pointed, I noticed that he pointed to every lymph node. So I said that, but there was a breakdown in translation with the word “lymph”.  So, I commanded the tumors to be gone, the lymph nodes to drain, and the toxins to leave his body.  And then I spent several minutes trying to get the translator to ask if they were gone, but the translator didn’t understand me.  Since I know what the lymph nodes do, I asked the Lord the spiritual root of the toxicity.  The Lord connected the dots by reminding me of another person with the same tumors and brought to mind their childhood circumstances. That was the “aha moment”.   I then asked him if he had been abused by his mother. When I asked him he said “yes”, and said that his mother had told him “you’ll never amount to anything”, and other verbal abuse/word curses.  He said that he had forgiven her during Rodney’s message when Rodney led us all in a prayer of forgiveness.  Then I attempted some inner healing, but with the difficulty in translation, it was too difficult.  We pulled in another translator, and the man said he wasn’t comfortable, and he didn’t see the connection between the abuse from his mother and the tumors.  With the new translator, we were able to explain, and gave the man tools to continue his emotional healing at home with Jesus.  At that point, I called another team member in, told him the whole story, he repeated the command for the tumors to leave, and for the lymph nodes to drain.  The new translator then told him to check the tumors.  The man unbuttoned his shirt, and reached to feel the two different tumors. He looked very confused and then looked down at wet spots his shirt.  He said “I had the tumors for 20 years, and have always been in pain.  This morning when I woke up, I was no longer in pain, and didn’t understand, and now, after you all prayed, the tumors are leaking.” Then he asked to be baptized in the Holy Spirit.  

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