Words of Knowledge Bring Healing to Family

We got a word of knowledge for a “dark, sad, woman” and a “little girl with pigtails”, as well as “tiara/crown”, and a man’s name, “Tiago”.  These all landed with one family in the marketplace!  The mother was dark and sad, and the Lord highlighted her to me – she was selling candy and was alone when we first met.  When I asked her if I could pray for her, she said yes, please pray for my daughter, who was strong willed and difficult to deal with.  As I prayed for her daughter, the Lord showed me a vision of a young girl with pigtails and a tiara, then had me release a word over her via her mom that she’s got a major gift of evangelism, and dance.  Her mom received these and was comforted by the Lord via prayer.  We proceeded to walk down the street and seek other opportunities, but when we passed by on our way back, the woman had about ten people with her – she had brought her whole family to meet us.  This included her daughter, Kawne, who said she loved to dance at church.  The grandmother was also there, and she asked for prayer for pain in her belly caused by fibroids, which was 100% healed when I prayed with her.  After she was healed, she also asked for prayer for her son Tiago, who is in jail.  This was one of the words of knowledge that we’d received, so we excitedly prayed with her for him, and prophesied general blessings over him via his mother as well.

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