Woman Freed from Pain has a Vision of Jesus

Thank you, Jesus, for revealing the heart of the Father! So beautiful and amazing!!! A woman had a degenerative back condition (MS) and the medication was not working, and she was in extreme pain. After praying for her back and the pain leaving, she said she had a lot of pain in her chest. I asked Jesus to reveal the love of the Father to her. Shortly after I told her the Kingdom of God has come near her according to Luke 10:9. She said she felt electricity on her face, I discerned that the Lord was restoring a countenance of joy to her! She went out and down and I told her to stay there and receive from the Lord. I went on praying for others checking in on her occasionally. She looked like she was having an amazing time! She had the vision of Jesus experience and was so happy! It was amazing!!! Thank you, Jesus, for your amazing love!!! – Patrick

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