Arthritis Healing

An older woman, probably in her 70s, came forward for a word on healing arthritis.  Her hands were gnarled, and her knuckles double their normal size.  She also said that she had arthritis in her hips. I asked the Holy Spirit to come and heal her hands and hips. I felt God’s heart for her and began to cry and commanded the pain to go NOW!  She fell on the floor. I continued to lay hands on her and she got up a couple minutes later. When she arose, she said she’d had a stomach condition and the pain was gone.  She said she was going to see a doctor to confirm her healing. I asked her about her hands, if they still hurt. I prayed again for healing and she said the pain was totally gone. I got an interpreter to confirm that I understood correctly. Later that evening, she approached me and thanked me. Together we thanked the Lord.  God told me to sing over her, so I did, and she went out in the Spirit again. I prayed for her as I protected her from getting stepped on. When she opened her eyes, the Lord said that in 2 days her fingers would be totally straightened and her knuckles to normal size.  Praise God! – Lisa, Mom

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