Woman Healed of Hernia in Back & Neck & Cataracts


Last night we ministered at a church in Brazil. The Lord answered my hearts request and I saw him touch and love upon many people. He used me to bless a woman who had a hernia in her neck just below the skull. She not only got healed but also received her movement back. Then we prayed for a cataract in her left eye. (She was already scheduled to have it surgically removed.) Before we started she could not see people’s faces that stood before her. It was like looking through water at them. 


The first time we prayed nothing happened. The second time she felt intense heat around her eye, so much so that she started to fan herself, but she still couldn’t see. However, our faith was rising. When we finished the third prayer, she opened her eye and looked at me as if it was the first time she saw me. Then she looked at people about three meters behind me, closing her good eye to make sure that she could see with her left eye. She was totally healed. Thank you, Jesus, for loving your daughter in such a tangible way. – Eduard

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