Woman in Her Mid-20’s Has Sight Restored!

I had the same word of knowledge as this morning, “blindness or vision problems that can’t be corrected with eyeglasses”. A number of people came forward and got in line for prayer. After a few others, the next one in line was Carol.

She was mid-20s or so, and I think she might have come from a different church, one of the Igreja Quadrangular (Foursquare churches). She said that she had a genetic disease that affects the eyes. When I looked, I could see big white patches covering parts of her cornea. She couldn’t see very far with either eye. We began to pray. After a short prayer, I took my hands off of her eyes, and she opened them and looked. She started crying. She said that now she can see far away, and her eyesight wasn’t perfect, but she could see a lot better. Her family and friends around her also started crying. We prayed again, and when she opened her eyes, she looked around and said she could see perfectly now. Praise the Lord! – Josh
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