Ankle Restored After a Prayer of Forgiveness

I prayed for a lady in her 20’s. She had had an accident one year ago and tripped on her ankle and had six months of inability to stand on it fully. She can now walk but can’t plant or flex her ankle without pain.

She can’t wear heels or play sports. I got her to show me what she could do and when she stood on her toes she needed support as she was unsteady. I prayed the first time and there was no change. I felt there was unforgiveness so I asked how she injured the ankle. She said she tripped going to her house. I wasn’t sure what to do then but just asked her is there anyone she needed to forgive. She immediately had someone so we prayed a forgiveness prayer. We then prayed for the ankle and she felt heat and she was able to stand on her toes without support and felt stable. All pain was gone! – Kit

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