Woman with Knee Pain Healed!

A lady came up to me for prayer who had knee pain for two years. Through an Interpreter I asked her what the cause of the pain was from. She had fallen. I asked her about the cause of the fall and if anything or anyone was involved. She said no that she just fell. 

I asked if I could put my hands on her knee. I prayed with her to break off the shock and trauma and for total healing. After prayer I asked her if she felt anything and she said no but it felt 80% better. I prayed again and the Holy Spirit touched her. She went down in the Spirit, I continued to pray for her and when she came back up she said she had no pain. I asked her to do something that she could not do before. She was able to bend her knee and squat down. We clapped and praised Jesus together. – Cindi, Director of Development

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