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Woman with Pain in Left Foot Healed After Multiple Prayers

Sandra had been having pain in her left foot from wearing heels. On a scale of 1-10 her pain level was constantly at a 10. It was to the point that she could not put weight on her left foot, and it was too painful for her to walk barefoot.

The first time I prayed for her there wasn’t any change to her pain level. But the second time I prayed, her pain level decreased to an 8. We prayed a third time, and her pain level went down to a 4. She said that it didn’t hurt anymore when I gently grabbed her heel, which had hurt before. We kept on praying and each time the pain went down to 2, then 1 and finally 0! She was able to move her feet in circles, stomp on her left foot, take off her shoe and put pressure on her feet. All these things she was not able to do before we started to pray!! Praise God! – Christina

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