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Women’s Deaf Ear Opens and Sore Stomach Feels Peace

An older lady wanted prayer for her family to be saved. I had the feeling to ask her if she had any pain or sickness in her body that she wanted prayer for. She said yes. She had a deaf ear and a sore stomach. So I started praying for and blessing her, her family, her body, her ear. I commanded the ear to open up and asked the Father to send His healing angels to put everything in her ear back in its divine order how He created it to be. I snapped my finger in her ear and asked her if she heard anything.

She looked to the right and left and then smiled in big astonishment nodding “yes” I asked her how much and she said good! So we tested it again by having the catcher step back in distance to the deaf ear and talk to her, calling her name. She turned around to him answering his call.
Thank you Jesus! Then I prayed for her stomach to get back into its divine order and I released God’s shalom over her. She said she felt peace.


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