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Word of Knowledge Brings Healing to Three People

Saturday morning after Blaine Cook taught on the 5 step model I worked with a Brazilian woman named Vera who had given a word of knowledge about lungs and breathing problems. Three people responded to her word and came to her in prayer and these are their stories.

I took Vera through the steps and guided her in choosing the type of prayer for the first young man. She prayed and after the first report he indicated he was feeling heat. He also stated that the pain he had from the infection had gone down by 50%. She prayed two more times and by the third time the man was healed.

The second person we prayed for was a woman who had an infection in the lung. In the interview she had been treated several times by doctors and the infection had come back again. After instructing Vera how and why we were going to pray, I had her take another report. She was feeling heat but no healing or change in the pain. I asked her to ask the woman if there were any conditions that seemed to happen when the pain in her lungs came upon her. She said no and as a matter of fact, she had no pain when she had come to the meeting that morning but it began to hurt during the time of worship. I had suspected that this was not just medical but it was an infirmity and her response verified it to me. I explained the difference to Vera between the first man she had prayed for who had been healed and the woman that was before her. She was going to treat this differently because it was a spirit of infirmity this time. I instructed her to command the spirit of infirmity to leave in the name of Jesus. She did numerous times and then I had her take a report. All the pain was gone. We all blessed and thanked the Lord for having set her free from her pain and infirmity. Vera then turned to me and my interpreter and said with thumbs up, “This is fun.”

The third case Vera had in response to her word of knowledge was a young woman in her mid-to-late 20’s. When she was younger she had a lung infection and tuberculosis. I had Vera ask if she was under treatment of a doctor for her conditions. She indicated that she had been and that there was nothing more the doctors could do for her because the TB had caused her right lung to shrink. As a result she was limited in her ability to take deep breaths and her breathing was shallow. I instructed Vera that we were going to ask the Lord to bring healing to any damage of the lungs from the infection and the tuberculosis. After praying we took a report and the young woman indicated she was feeling intense heat; however, there was no change in her ability to take a breath. I had Vera pray and bless what God had done and was doing in her. We took a report and there was still intense heat but no change in her ability to breathe. I decided to take a risk and use the power of the testimony which Randy had used the night before. I told Vera and the young woman via my translator that God did not just want to heal her but make her new, 2 Cor. 5:17. I used a testimony from an Ian Evans interview I had heard of a woman receiving a new heart and my own testimonies of seeing two people receive from God new disks in their backs to replace damaged and fused disks. I told the young woman that Vera and I were going to ask Father to give her a new right lung, not just heal a damaged one. We prayed and agreed together for several moments and then took a report by having the young girl take a breath. As she began to take a breath, I watched her face as she began to realize that she had gone far beyond what she could normally breathe in and even deeper. By the time she let out the first deep breath and took the second, she fell apart in complete tears as she realized God had given what we had asked for. She was completely healed and I believe she received a new lung.

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