Word of Knowledge Leads to Deliverance & Healing

I received a word of knowledge for a pain in the left side of the head along with dizziness. I had a very troubled woman in her 40s come to me with these symptoms. I prayed initially for healing from the pain and dizziness. 

The pain in her head became worse. I re-interviewed her. Her mother had dedicated her to Satan as a child. We did forgiveness of her mom, renouncing family ties to the satanic. I prayed again and the dizziness went away but the pain in her head increased. I commanded a spirit of affliction to leave. It moved. I commanded it to leave again. The pain reduced. I broke all the curses placed on her and commanded all spirits of the occult to leave. There was lots of coughing as the spirits came out along with lots of crying.  She fell into my arms like a baby. I prayed for God to fill her up with love and peace and asked Bill to give her a father’s blessing. She was blessed with that.

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