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Nigerian Man Set Free From Curses

My word of knowledge was that something was wrong in the jaw area that might affect speech. Immediately a Nigerian man in a business suit came forward. 

He said that for the last two years when he needed to give an important speech his mouth filled with saliva to the point that he couldn’t talk. It was terribly embarrassing.  At the same time, he began to experience acid reflux. He couldn’t sleep at night because of that. He also felt like bugs are crawling over him when nothing was there. The symptoms commenced when he began counseling others not to be involved in occult. As he spoke, I saw gold pieces and a small statue. He felt this vision was significant. He believed that co-workers from both Austria and Germany had paid to have elderly Nigerian woman curse him. Dark dreams seemed to precede episodes of the manifestation of the curses. We broke off curses. We forgave and blessed the coworkers. His head got hot.  His hands got hot.    Even though it was cold enough to be shivering, he began sweating. Sweat ran down his face.

P. S. When I saw him again the following day, he had slept well.  He felt the problem had been resolved

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