Words of Knowledge “PTSD” & “Jennifer” Leads to Deliverance

I got a few words of knowledge in the day before the healing service. I heard “a couple with two kids, one is in the hospital,” “PTSD”, “Jennifer”, “Derek” and “ear drum.” I felt God saying my strongest word was “PTSD” and “Jennifer” so I spoke that at the service. No one came to my line to say they were the person.

But many people came up front so I turned to the closest one and asked if she’d like prayer. She said she wore ear plugs and they aggravated her ears with tinnitus. Her name was Jen. As I began to pray healing for her ears, she said she kept feeling the oil of God on her forehead pouring down. As I asked the oil to enter her ears, she got a word from God that she had heard “poisonous words” in her ears. So I sat her down because I realized this might be bigger than expected. As I began to break curses over her, she started twitching very strongly from stuff breaking off. I asked her if she suffered from PTSD, but after considering it she said she didn’t think so. She felt better but before leaving said she remembered she had tension in her shoulder. As I asked the oil to pour down her neck, she got a word from God that she had been abused. So it finally clicked that this was, in fact, the Jennifer with trauma God invited for healing. So I began praying according to the PTSD prayer card I had once read and was painfully trying to remember. God gave me words to pray, curses to break, blessings to release, and emotional wounds to heal. Jen then told me of a vision she had seen that morning of a snake above her head, giving her an incorrect view of God. We sent the snake away and God placed a crown of glory on her (which she later confirmed was another vision she got that morning but forgot). God gave me a few words for her about how she didn’t deserve the abuse and it didn’t come from God. She cried profusely and got great relief. She thanked me, we hugged and I had to run to the bus. – Tenay

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