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Word of Knowledge “Strangulation” Leads to Emotional Healing

A woman about 30 asked me in the morning ministry time if the man (Justin) who had given the word of knowledge about strangulation the previous evening was available. I told her he was preaching at another church that morning but would be back that evening. She said she couldn’t return that evening and asked if I would pray for her. 

She had been strangled several times by her older brother as a child. She would scream and her mother would yell at her and then come out and punish her because she was screaming. She said that later her brother strangled her mother so bad she dislocated her finger trying to get him to stop. Her brother is now dead due to either suicide or murder, and her mother is dead also. I asked if she had ever forgiven her brother and mother and she said “Yes, I think I have.” I suggested she resolve to forgive them completely and led her in a forgiveness prayer. She also asked the Lord for forgiveness for the unforgiveness she had held on to. She seemed to be very much better when she left. – John 

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