Word of Knowledge Leads to Opening of Close Ear

I was on the intercession team this evening and it was so powerful.  You could feel that the Lord wanted to pour out His love on the church. While we were interceding we could feel the Lord saying that not only spiritual eyes and spiritual ears were being opened but physical eyes and ears were opening as well.  We could feel them opening.  We could also feel doors being opened from this meeting to people that have been unreachable.  

It was amazing. While we were praying, the Lord gave a word of knowledge for a closed right ear that was blocked and He wanted to open. It was a physical word of knowledge. I could feel it burn and then pop. So when the people came to the front, Dolores, about 40 years old, came for prayer. She told me that word was for her. I was so excited that we went after it. When I started praying I commanded the ear to open. At the first command we could feel only a little warmth. I placed my hand on her ear and kept commanding. After about a minute I asked if she felt anything. She said heat. I said ok that’s good. We prayed some more. I put my hand back on her ear and blessed what the Lord was doing, giving Him thanks. I commanded the ear to open again and just asked the Lord for more! After about a minute or two I asked her if it had opened. She was saying it was good but by the look on her face you could tell it wasn’t fully opened. She was about to leave and I told her I would pray for her more. She said oh! This time I thanked the Lord again, commanded the ear to open and saying that the Lord is faithful. He made her ear even hotter to the point it was burning. I kept commanding it to open in the name of Jesus. I snapped my fingers because I had the word of knowledge that the ear popped open. I stopped and you could tell by the look on her face and her tears that it had opened. We praised Jesus!! To Him be all the Glory! In my excitement however I never did get how long she had the issue. It was amazing to see the Lord work and to love on her the way he did. He is so AMAZING!! I believe it had fully opened! – William (Manager)

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