Worn Jaw Joint Mends Instantly When Woman Stands

The mission team was called up to give words of knowledge. When the microphone came to me, I said, “Stiffness of jaw; can’t chew gum.” A woman stood to receive prayer and was divinely healed where she stood. She came up to me later to share her testimony with me. It was recorded on video. Here is the link to the video, followed by the text translation of the video. https://youtu.be/SfwJf5NBEY4 This is the video translation from Maria, the interpreter who was with me when the healed woman came to share her testimony:  “This video depicts a woman telling us about the healing that she received in her jaw. She says she had jaw stiffness and couldn’t open her mouth fully, nor could she chew gum because her jaw cracked too much–the gum was banned by the doctor. She started feeling a lot of pain a few months ago and thought it was a problem with her ear, but then, after taking some exams, she discovered that it was jaw joint wear. Lately she has been using an acrylic board to help with the pain and to address the issue of one side of her jaw being higher than the other. Now, after hearing the word of knowledge for someone that had “stiffness of jaw and can’t chew gum,” she stood to receive her healing. Before the prayer, she had a pain level of 8 because of infection, but after the prayer, she no longer felt pain. She could open her mouth fully and chew the gum that Paul offered to her! Then we all praised Jesus together!”    

– Paul, Truck Driver

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