Young Man Experiences Restoration in His Hearing and Sinus Passages

A man probably in his late 20’s came to me for prayer.  He was partially deaf in his left ear, was experiencing stress, had issues in his sinus cavities, and a brain disorder.  He said his parents had tried to kill/abort him, but he survived.  He said he had forgiven his parents.  I prayed over his ear several times.  Each time there was slight improvement and then it opened up completely! Yeah Jesus! I prayed over his nasal/sinus passages and asked God for complete restoration.  I prayed over his brain and asked God to rewire, to make new connections, and for total restoration.  I asked him how he was feeling, and he said that while I was praying he could actually feel things moving around inside his brain. I spent a few moments breaking off the spirit of fear, the results of the shock and trauma he had experienced, and just releasing peace and blessings over him.  God is so good! 

Lisa O, Building Inspector

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