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Young Woman’s Knees Made Straight

I was standing with my interpreter in the prayer line when her younger sister came forward for prayer. She said her knees were turned in. I asked her if she responded to the word of knowledge given in the service about that very thing. 

She said no because she never even considered her condition a problem or something to be fixed. I told her God had already highlighted it and He wanted to heal her. We prayed and the pain left her knees. I prayed again and tightness behind her knees left. I prayed a third time and weakness left. I prayed a fourth time, this time for her skeletal system to be aligned and her knees to be straight. Nothing seemed to happen. I told her to walk around and let the Lord work. She ran back to us shortly after prayer, tears streaming down her face. She told us she walked around the church, then went to the restroom and checked her legs. Her legs were TOTALLY aligned and straight. Praise Jesus! – Holly, Teacher

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