Young Woman’s Shoulder Restored

This evening I prayed for a beautiful young lady whose mother and father had been powerfully touched the previous day at the open air crusade. (Her dad was saved and delivered there.)

She had three physical problems – a bad shoulder, a nasal problem and polycystic ovaries. She was a physical education instructor and had had shoulder problem for 15 years! She could not do pushups. After I prayed, she felt that everything had been healed. She happily did pushups with no pain! I then felt the Father’s heart rising up to release the hope of fertility over her. She felt peace and lightness. I sensed there was more for her especially as I prayed the Father’s love on her. She shared that her father had abused her as a child. She had already forgiven him but wanted the relationship restored. I stood in her ‘father place’ and she was touched by Father’s love! We prayed for the whole family for a time turnaround.

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