18 Years of Addiction Broken, Sense of Smell Restored & New Lungs Created

A young man, Jorge, came and wanted his drug addiction to stop. He had been using cocaine for 18 years. He had heard the testimony on Wednesday from Jo and he wanted that. Through the interpreter I found out he had had no sense of smell for 18 years.

He had lung problems and was told by his doctor that if he continued to use coke he would soon need a lung transplant. I prayed for complete freedom from this addiction. I commanded his nasal passages, linings and sensory nerves to be completely restored like God gave him. Complete restoration! Now I commanded new lungs to replace the damaged ones. I asked the healing angels to come and the first appeared on his left side and then his right. I said, “Mais, Senyor (more, Lord),” and he fell out under the Presence. His forearms and neck had many Satanic tattoos and I commanded them disappear Jesus’ name. He was lying there very peacefully as I commanded every cell, all blood to be cleansed from any residual coke. I commanded restoration to damaged cells and tissue and spoke life into his body. While He was in the Presence, I saw movement in his chest area. It was very faint, not breathing movement, and I knew God was giving him a new set of lungs. When he was released from the Presence we sat him up and I asked how he felt. He said he felt woozy, warm and healed. He said he felt the movement and believed God gave him new lungs. He felt warmth run everywhere throughout his body. I asked him to smell and he shook his head, “No.” I started to pray for more healing in his nose and he stopped me. He could smell but it was so overwhelming. I told him a little of my testimony. I could not smell for 15 years, received prayer for healing at a Global conference and my smell was completely restored! I knew what he meant by an overwhelming feeling! We both thanked Jesus for this miraculous healing. I blessed everything that Jesus had done. I blessed Jorge for being bold and asking God to help him. We just kept thanking Jesus!

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