Young Woman Set Free From Words Spoken by Masseur

A 25-year-old woman had experienced lower back pain for two years. At that time, she worked in a hospital. When I began to pray for her, the pain got worse. The more I prayed, the worse it got. 

She doubled over in pain. Tears began to accompany gasps. I feared she would ask me to stop praying. In fact, her discomfort was great enough that I considered stopping. I tried to comfort her by telling her that the increase of pain was actually a good thing because it confirmed the cause as an afflicting spirit. Attempts to break it off failed. In fact, the pain actually shot through her back to her front side. Then the area of her left ovary made her cry out in pain. What surprised me was that at the moment it went to that area of her body, it went also to that area of my body. I started searching for root causes – curses, hexes, spells, occult involvement. At last we arrived at her experience with a masseur, who had massaged her left ovary. He told her all her eggs were dead and she would never have any children. She cried as she remembered that experience. We broke that curse. We had her speak the opposite of the curse over herself in the name of Jesus. We declared His truth over her. Her back got healed and my pain left too. 
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