Young Woman Set Free From Demonic Curse

A woman in her 20’s had received a curse from her father who was a witch.  Her mother had died from the same curse and just before she died, she had terrible pain in the base of her skull, just like this girl had recently been experiencing.  She also had pain in her head, her neck, chest, and arms and legs.  Demons had visited her in the night and she had started talking to them before she knew better. She knew she was demonized and was seeking help.

As she started to blow she began to silently wretch and saliva came out for several minutes.  When she stopped she said it was gone, and all pain had left with it.  We then prayed for the Holy Spirit to fill her up.  Then the tears came, and her countenance was totally transformed as she was filled with joy and thanksgiving.  We told her about the authority she has in Christ to resist any further attacks, and told her to keep coming back to church.  Jesus sets the captives free!  Hallelujah!!!

– Jon, Doctor

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