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4 Years of Pain Gone in an Instant

Alfonso came forward for healing in his lower back.  He had an accident 4 years ago and has been in constant pain ever since with little mobility.  His doctor said surgery was necessary but he could die from it.  I prayed for him and he felt heat in that specific area of his back.  I prayed more, and then asked him to do something he had not done before.  He was scared.  I told Alfonso to go slowly.

He started to bend over to reach his toes, slowly, little by little, further and further, until he touched his toes.  He slowly came up and with tears in his eyes said he’s healed.  He then went up and down repeatedly, touching his toes, laughing and crying and thanking Jesus that he was healed!  I then prayed over his hands and told him to share his testimony of healing and to go and heal others in the Name of Jesus.

-Doreen, Homemaker

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