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YPI – Amnesia Healed

Our interpreter brought me over to his sister. He told me that she could not remember things “long term”. I asked if it was amnesia and he said yes and remembered the diagnosis. He told me that she did not remember memories with her children or her husband.

She didn’t remember her wedding night or any other significant events. So we all prayed for healing. I prayed to God that He’d repair the brain and miraculously bring back memories of her past. I asked for “waves” of memories to overwhelm her. At that point, less than a minute of praying, she started weeping. We kept praying and I asked our interpreter to ask her what she was feeling. I was definitely not expecting him to tell me that her memories were coming back to here. I just melted in excitement and joy. I really felt God’s strong love and felt like I could cry. I told him to tell her that “God must really love her”. She started crying even more.

The next day, we met the interpreter’s wife at the school we were visiting. She told us how after the amnesia vanished, the sister gave herself back to the Lord. Apparently, she was frustrated with God and left the church for a while. But when God touched her, she rededicated herself that night. ~Ryan

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