YPI – Upper Lip and Cheek Pain

Since we were short on translators, it looked like pairing up was the best option to everyone. But God had other plans for me. I noticed a line forming for healing and saw an older woman closing her eyes and praying.

I think it was God guiding the night, because for some reason, I went to her and pulled her out of the line. I didn’t have a translator, however. It wasn’t two seconds later that this Portuguese man came over to me speaking English. He said, “This is my mother, can I help in any way?” I was so relieved and happy to have a translator. He told me she was getting surgery for the face, above the lip. He didn’t know how to describe it in English but she had a problem that caused pain above the lip and cheeks. I asked the Holy Spirit to be present and for God to heal her. We prayed twice and God touched her. She started crying and felt fire in her face. The pain was completely gone. ~Ryan
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