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A Dream Leads to 100% Healing

I was given a dream for “Alberto” and the details: red shirt and lower back pain. When ministry time started, first in line was Alberto with a red shirt and lower back pain. I prayed once and he was 100% healed. The next person in line was still skeptical and presented with lower back pain. I prayed once and she was 100% healed. She was stunned, cried and gave me a hug. The third person presented with lower back pain again! I said, “Ok God, we’re healing all these lower back pains now!” I had a long line and I asked who was presenting with lower back pain. I had 8 more people in line raise their hand. I asked them to all come forward and circle around. I asked the second lady to lay hands while we prayed for the group. Instantly, 3/8 were healed 100%! I prayed one more time and two more were healed. I then asked the second lady to pray for the remaining three since her faith was so high. All were healed 100%! Three of them were blasted by the Holy Spirit. The faith in the line increased exponentially and every person in line was fully healed to 100%!

Nate, Entrepreneur

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