A Man’s Sight Completely Restored

Wednesday night I was assigned to Steve and Sally Wilson’s team and we ministered in the huge revival tent that was set up in one of the townships around Secunda. After the message we prayed for over 200 people. A gentleman raised his hand during the call from the altar about having pain in his back. I walked up to him and asked where his pain was. He showed me and after prayer all pain was gone. In follow-up I asked if there was anything else he wanted prayer for and he responded, “I cannot see, everything is very dark.” Placing my hands over his eyes I prayed for his vision to be restored. Removing my hands I then asked how he felt and he responded “I can see clearly.” I asked if there was any darkness and he clearly said no. I asked him if he could see how many fingers I was holding up and he could. Then moving further back, we checked again and he saw them clearly. At this time another team member came up stood even further away and he was able to see her fingers. Finally we asked him to read a sign on the far back wall which he did perfectly. Vision was restored in both eyes.

John P, Self Employed

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