A Night of Healing for Mother & Son

A mother brought her son with birth defects for prayer. He said that God had touched his legs during the main service when Randy was ministering. His right arm, hands, and both ankles and feet were deformed.

They asked for prayer for his hand and arm and said his back was hurting. I commanded the pain to leave his back first. He said the pain was gone. Then I began to speak over his hand and arm. He started moving his wrist, hand and fingers. He had greater flexibility and range of motion than he had before. His bones still didn’t look “normal” although they looked better. We took time to praise God and I asked him to raise his arms and praise God with me. He did and then started swinging his arm all over and got very excited. When I asked what He was so excited about, he said he had not been able to raise his arm above shoulder level before. He was so excited! We kept praying, asking our good God for more. Suddenly, he started looking at his feet and pointing. He could move his toes, first one foot then the other. He couldn’t do that before! It was beautiful! His mother also asked me to pray for his mind, which I did. They said they would come back tomorrow night and get prayer again. Hallelujah!

I prayed for his mother. She had surgery on her ankle and the nerves had been cut so she didn’t have any feeling. We prayed and she could feel again. She kept running her fingers up her ankle over and over again! Praise the Lord! It was a good night for that family.

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