A Woman, 90% Blind, Has Eyesight Restored!

At Four Square Church, Cruzes, San Paulo, a lady in her fifties came to me for prayer (I believe she was accompanied). Through an interpreter I ascertained she was 90% blind in both eyes and saw very dimly with little light. She asked for her eyes to be healed. I asked her how long she had been blind and she explained her eyesight had been deteriorating over time. 

I didn’t manage to find out the cause but believed it to be caused by diabetes. I asked God how I should pray for this lady. He told me to tell her to close her eyes and place my fingers over each eye and pray waiting for his healing power to come. I felt heat in my fingers and continuing to pray. I removed my fingers and asked her to open her eyes. She was shocked and delighted, shouting out she could fully see (in Portuguese). A 100% restoration of her sight had occurred. – Ian
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