Asthma Healed After Spirit of Witchcraft Goes!

At Four Square Church, a lady in her early forties came up to me asking for prayer. I didn’t have an interpreter, but God told me to go find one with her. So, we walked around and found one named Susan. Susan interviewed the lady for me and said she was having trouble breathing. Her chest was tight. She said that she had it for two years. I told her a spirit of allergy and the spirit of inflammation to leave. As I was praying she began to cough.

On re-interview she could breather about 60% better and told us that she had been diagnosed with asthma. I prayed again and told the spirit of asthma to leave and all scar tissue to be healed. She coughed some more. She was about 90% better but felt like a hairball was in her chest. As I went to pray again I felt the Holy Spirit tell me that my interpreter Susan had something. I asked her and she felt that the Holy Spirit saying that she or her family were involved in witchcraft Macumba. I found out her brother was involved in it. We broke off all curses and had her renounce and forgive her brother who was involved in witchcraft, but she was still at 90%. At that point, Melissa, who had been praying with me felt like all three of us needed to lay hands on her and say, “out in the name of Jesus”. As we repeated it she began to cough pretty strongly. She also had a pain in her shoulder that went away. She was 100% better.

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