Man’s Deaf Ears Open after Deliverance!

A man came up wanting prayer for his deaf ears. He had hearing aids in both ears. Without the hearing aids he could hear a small amount of garbled noise. Three years ago he started to lose his hearing in his left ear and not long later the right ear. This was due to loud music.

I prayed and commanded the ears to open, for everything to be returned to normal the way it was created to be. We tested and there had been a very small improvement. So I prayed again and I started to pray against any disease that had affected the ears. As I prayed this, it was like his head and neck went crazy – bouncing, nodding, and thrashing around. I tried to talk to him again and he just wasn’t there. It became obvious that he needed deliverance. I’ve never done this so I asked the translator to get another Global team member. I prayed God would bring the right person. The translator brought back Derek. When the man finally opened his eyes again, Derek asked if he was a Christian. This time he answered that he was far from God. Derek’s translator, who was a missionary, led him to the Lord. The man was crying. God was clearly touching him. Then when he was prayed for again his ears opened and he could hear. No more need for those hearing aids. He had the hugest smile on his face. It was such a blessing to be a part of this. God is so good! – Marissa, professional face painter
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