Brazil – Ministry to Woman During Treasure Hunt

We had a word of knowledge about a woman with dirty blonde hair who needed encouragement. As we headed out from the hotel, a woman with dirty blonde hair passed us and I noticed her right away. I didn’t stop her because I reasoned that I shouldn’t jump at the first blonde woman I see. As we reached the corner, we asked if anyone had a sense from the Holy Spirit as to which way to turn. That’s when a team member said “I think maybe we just passed the blonde woman. Maybe we should turn back.” I immediately agreed. She was now a good block ahead of us and we began to move swiftly down the road. 

She turned left at one point and went out of sight. We stopped and said “Well, maybe that wasn’t her.” Then a teammate prayed “Lord, if that was her, let us see her again.” Immediately she came out from that street and proceeded on her original route! We began walking quickly and eventually caught up with her a few blocks away. We shared how God had shown her to us in a vision and prompted us to turn around and offer her prayer. Turns out she is a Christian and welcomed the prayer. She asked for prayer for her marriage and family (which was another thing on our list – that we would encounter someone with marriage/family problems).

We then had a word that whatever the circumstances are in her life, she should keep God first. She should take care of His business, and He would take care of hers. That’s when she told us that she had her own business. She gave us each a business card. On it she had Genesis 32:20 “I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved.” She was encouraged to be reminded that even if times get difficult, God will take care of her and her business as long a she takes care of His business. She was very blessed and aware of God’s great love that sent us to her on that day. ~Mary

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